Resilient Women and the Men Who Love Them

Jan Gallagher Dunn

Jan lives in Minnesota with her husband. Their two grown children live nearby. Norman, our Pug/Boston Terrier, keeps us busy. But he’s cute, it hard to stay upset very long, even when he chews the TV remote! Most days he is sleeping under her desk while she writes.

Jan loves to read romances - just check out the titles on her Kindle. It’s not surprising she loves to write stories that end happily ever after. The fun is watching two imperfect people discover their feelings and finding the courage to move forward.

What does Jan do to relax, so story issues can brew in the back of her brain? Walks when the temperature is above freezing. Jan likes to knit but can only make scarves and baby blankets. She has house plants that are ten years old. And yes, she talks to them. But no more cactus for her—they never survive once she gets them home. Who said succulents the easiest things to grow?

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