Resilient Women and the Men Who Love Them

Jan Gallagher Dunn

Jan lives in Minnesota with her husband and their Pug/Boston Terrier, Norman.  Their two grown children live in nearby towns, so they see each other frequently. Norman is their love and gives them a run for their money. It’s hard to stay upset long with that adorable pug face, even when he chews the TV remote. Most days, he is sleeping under Jan’s desk while she writes.

Jan loves to read romances—just check out the titles on her Kindle. It’s not surprising she loves to write stories that end happily ever after. The fun is watching two imperfect people discover their feelings and finding the courage to move forward.

What does Jan do to relax and create plots for the next book? She enjoys nature walks when the temperature is above freezing. Minnesota winters get cold! Jan also likes to knit and is great at making scarves and baby blankets. She loves her houseplants and has some that are ten years old. And yes, she talks to them. She also loves to watch the birds at the feeder on their deck and listening to them sing.

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