A Teaser from Her Charming Defender

Franklin thought he met the women he’d been for waiting for at Mark and Barb’s wedding. When he didn’t get her name or see her around town, he decided she must have been one of Barb’s out-of-town friends.

A few weeks later, his cousin Stephen asks if Landon has time to show Lucy’s younger sister around town. Their baby Violet is in a clingy stage and Lucy stays close to home. Since Landon has nothing else to do, he agrees.

Here’s what happens:

Stephen stood at the bottom of the stairs. “Ivy, are you ready?”

He got light-headed when he saw her. Landon blinked, to be sure his eyes weren’t lying. Ivy was the woman from the wedding. Lucy’s younger sister turned out to be older than he expected from Stephen’s description. He wondered how long she planned to visit.

She smiled as if pleased to see him. Perhaps he was just hopeful. She looked as hot in jeans and a shirt as she had in the blue dress.

“I thought we’d grab pizza and talk about what you want to do.”

“That sounds fun.” She turned to Stephen. “I’ll see you later.”

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