April is Second Chance Month

I know this refers to all kinds of second chances.

As a romance author, this is one my favorite story lines. People who share a past and meet again. Now they are older and hopefully wiser. And love blossoms.

But it’s never that easy. One or both have some baggage. Writers call these wounds or flaws that they must face. Then they can move forward and share their life with the other person.

The best fun is giving them opposite flaws.

In Her Surprise Suitor, Franklin—the town bad boy—returns home. He’s looking for redemption. Elle had a difficult relationship in California. Rather than face it, she moves to Laughing Falls for a job—pleased she could leave that mess in her past. When the secret catches up with her, he’s hurt that she never trusted him enough to be honest.

They do not have a second chance romance, but they both have to face their pasts and problems before they can trust each other.

Personally, I’d rather work this out with characters. Who enjoys being that vulnerable in real life?