Resilient Women and the Men Who Love Them

Jan Gallagher Dunn

There’s was a time when Harlequin and Silhouette books published sweet, clean romances every month. You could find them everywhere — from book stores to grocery stores. Harlequin bought Silhouette in 1986. And News Corp. bought Harlequin Enterprises in 2014. Checking their site, a few Harlequin lines are still being published, but they are selling most of these books outside North America.

This is the reason I think Amazon’s clean and wholesome category is so popular. There are many readers like me who miss those books. I love to write romances where people take time to get to know each other. Where they change and grow and finally can admit they need each other. What is better than those heartwarming scenes?

When the world gets complicated, a guaranteed happy ending is a beautiful thing.

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