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Big changes coming to author newsletters

Jul 22, 2021 by Jan Gallagher Dunn, in Promotions


Emails through mail servers have a small tracking code at the bottom. Nothing we can see. But this tells my mailing service how many people open my email every two weeks. That helps me learn if what I write interests my readers.

We will no longer have those statistics from people reading their mail on an Apple device.

Very intelligent people are making suggestions. One person said we may need to track how many people click on the links in our email. That’s a smaller number than the people who open my mails. But it may be the only way we know subscribers are engaged with our newsletters.

The other topic being discussed is email deliverability. An unknown number of emails are never received. One problem is email with images taking up over 20% of the mail may be flagged as spam. I am working on a new header that will take up less space. And graphics are not my best talent.

Authors continue to discuss this issue. I am learning as much as possible to make adjustments over the summer.

How can our readers or subscribers help? And if you discover authors have two or three clickable spots in their newsletters, please check out any items that might interest you.