Resilient Women and the Men Who Love Them

Bonus Time with Abby

Sep 30, 2021 by Jan Gallagher Dunn, in Books

Abby’s Pet Peeves

Abby McPherson Hawthorne was the heroine in Welcome Home, Abby—the first book in my series, Those Hawthorne Men. Many people tell me she’s their favorite character. She married strong-willed Jackson. She and her cousin have a fashion design and business that is thriving. Some of the other women compare her to everyone’s favorite mother-in-law, Julianne.

So what are Abby’s Pet Peeves?

Jan has me pregnant again in Her Secret Love.

She thinks I can put together a killer dress design in an hour.

Have you tried living in a town with two stores, a diner and pizza shop?

Christy and I are close, but not joined at the hip. That's physically impossible!

Our sheepdog King sheds all over the house.