Resilient Women and the Men Who Love Them

Summer Writing Conference


The last two weekends of July through the first in August, Inkerscon provided live sessions with best-selling authors. In my dreams, I sell as many books or make as much money as these author stars. The topical pre-recorded sessions are available for review as well. I am trying to listen to one or two each week, rather than binge. My schedule is crammed with writing projects.

What kinds of things do authors learn at these events? Here are the top five takeaways from the live question-and-answer session with best-selling authors:

  • The authors making a lot of money started around 2014 when the ebook market was smaller. My books have much more competition. I don’t have their huge advertising budgets, so I have to find less expensive (but successful) ways to promote my books.
  • Some successful authors are no better than me with Amazon and Facebook ads. Of course, they have the money to pay someone else to handle it!
  • Word of mouth is still great marketing. I’m wondering how to encourage my readers to tell their friends about my books.
  • Almost everyone in the small town romance roundtable writes steamy stories. I would love to connect with others who write sweet or clean small town stories. They talked about each story should have one quirky character. So I brought Grandma into Mistletoe Surprise—the current holiday book I’m writing.
  • Everyone says their newsletter is their best asset. It is the only thing we can control. Facebook or Tic Tok can change their platform or disappear. The author then loses contact with all their followers. I look for ways to share things with my subscribers first—so they know they are special.
Just a few new things  to work in my schedule!