Resilient Women and the Men Who Love Them

Why Authors Need Reviews


For an author to use certain promotional sites like Bookbub, they require a book to have several reviews. Ten is the most I have seen listed on promotion sites.

When a reader comes to Amazon or another vendor from an ad, they look at the cover and read the blurb. They might even take advantage of the “Look Inside” feature. If they are still interested–but not sure—they read the reviews.

Funny thing, even critical reviews can be helpful. Perhaps the reviewer gave it two stars because they don’t like best friend’s little sister stories. But the person reading the review, loves that trope and buys that book!

Authors also use the reviews to learn about their readers. A few people have described my books at heartwarming. That surprised me because it seems like a hard feeling to create. By finding what readers like and don’t like about my books helps me focus on the next project and what I post on social media.

And now I have two proofreaders and still print out the manuscript to check for errors. I hope future reviews won’t mention typos.

After all this, I don’t write many reviews. Two or three sentences are fine. I’m amazed by people who can write two paragraphs. My goal this year is to leave more reviews for the books I enjoy.