Resilient Women and the Men Who Love Them

Writing Quotes that Speak to Me


My first romance was Welcome Home, Abby. I wrote five versions of it. Part of it was learning to write a marketable romance. My editor’s comment on the version I sent her—Jackson was such a jerk that she wanted Abby to leave him. After revisions, they are one of my favorite couples.

I have learned it is more important to push through a first draft, knowing it will improve with revisions. When I started writing years ago, I kept reworking the first couple of chapters. It doesn’t help if they are perfect when the rest of the book never gets written.

My first drafts are ugly, but as Nora Roberts says, a blank page is worse. I am sloppy with word choices because I can smarten them up later.  Several scenes draft are lines of dialogue. That’s part of my getting to know the characters. Then I can go back and add setting—so we know where they are having these conversations.  And internal thoughts that show us their struggles to deal with their own issues so they can trust and love another person.    

Each author has their own process. The big deal was learning and embracing what works for me.