Eagle Landing Ideas

Heather’s Nemesis. In the kick off novella, she’s a temp at the family construction and remodeling business. Nick is part of the family. He made her junior year of high school miserable. He remembers it differently—she bothered him. And now she’s making him crazy at work.

April’s Admirer. She moves back to Eagle Landing. Not sure if she had a crush on her brother’s friend, Adam Delaney.  Or if Adam wished he could date her. When they try to get together now, will her brother try to keep them apart?

Aurora’s soulmate. Yes, she was Madison’s roommate. She went to live with a cousin near Eagle Landing. Fell in love and got married  and they had a son. Her husband dies, but he first asks the oldest Delaney son, Christopher to make sure she’s okay. Imagine the angst on the both sides when they start to fall for each other.

Angie’s Reunion. In Her Surprise Suitor Angie shared she had met someone in college, Brandon Delaney. But she dated his roommate. So they never got together. Until they both attend an alumni event where they meet again.

Hannah’s Billionaire.  Her brothers criticize anyone she dates. But they all like Seth. She doesn’t appreciate rich men. Someone tried to buy her parents’ business when she was younger, and she remembers they were rude and arrogant. Sean went to school with one of her older brothers and he spends time with the family—because he’s interested in Hannah. How will he win her heart?

Let me know if these stories sound like fun reads.