Getting an ebook from BookFunnel to your Kindle

You find a free book you want from a BookFunnel promotion. How to send it to your Kindle?

Some people have no problems. If that’s not you, read on…


If it is a BookFunnel promotion, it will be in your BookFunnel Library. This is where I am reading a non-fiction book. The printed data on the charts is too small to read on my Kindle.

I promised to learn how to get a book from an email to my Kindle—before I start a Payhip store. Whether the store is at Payhip or Shopify, BookFunnel hosts the ebook files.


It took several steps to discover my problem. Once BookFunnel sends me the email, I need to forward it to my Kindle email address.

But where to find your Kindle email?

Go to Amazon—click on Your Accounts and Lists at the top of the page

Choose: content and devices

On the top banner, click on preferences

And scroll down to:

personal document settings

Then find:

send-to-kindle mail setting.

Mine was a string with jan followed by numbers and ending with

Click edit to make it something easier to remember. It has to end with

But when I sent the ebook to my email, it wouldn’t upload to my Kindle.

Then I discovered a choice below the kindle email section.

Approved Personal Document E-mail List

This had only the email address connected to my Amazon account. That is not the email I use to sign up for a free novella.

Click on  Add a new approved e-mail address

Once I added the right address—success!

Now when you click on send me the book.

Provide the email address that puts you on someone’s newsletter list.

The BookFunnel email lets me choose I want an epub sent to my email address.

Once it arrives, go the end of the email and click forward

That is where you enter the email that ends with

And the ebook is on your Kindle in minutes.

(Unless you left in airplane mode after your last trip. Or you hit reply instead of forward. Yes, I have done both.)

If you have other issues go to and click on help. If you explain your problem they will send you amazing screenshots to get you going!

Happy reading!