Smile power day is June 15th

After reviewing a few articles on the benefits of smiling, here my favorites:

  • It’s contagious. That’s why I enjoy smiling at grumpy people in the grocery store.
  • Makes you look thinner and younger.
  • Elevates your mood.
  • Gives your brain more pleasure than chocolate. Wow!
  • Help you live longer.

Sometimes, smiling is not appropriate. Here’s an excerpt from Snowbound Kisses. This is from the first draft, so things may change. Zach is helping Brooklyn set up the craft fair.

The next Saturday, Zach was pleased she accepted his offer to help. How would she have gotten all those boxes into her car? And then into the showroom. Men with dollies helped the vendors move stock to their tables.

“That was quite a production,” he said as they reached her table.

“I had more boxes than last year. Thank goodness for your muscles.”

No woman had ever complimented his physical strength. He struggled not to smile. Brooklyn might not understand why her comment meant so much to him.