Those Hawthorne Men

She won’t be used by a man again. He has a bad track record with romance.

Abby fell in love with Jackson when she was 19. His father sent her away to project the family money. She returns five years later, escaping a nasty fiancé. Abby needs protection and Jackson needs a mother for his daughter. Jackson can handle the fact she’s more beautiful. Too late he discovers she smells just as sweet as he remembered. Abby is wonderful with his daughter. He’s a man who can run any business, why can’t he keep her arm’s length? What happens when both of them want a more permanent relationship, but both are afraid to admit it?


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It might take more than a Christmas miracle to bring these two together

Christy McPherson doesn’t care that the Hawthorne family practically owns her small town. Their wealth has never impressed her. But Jasper Hawthorne is too charming to ignore. Now she’s left with the painful task of telling him he’s about to be a father…and wondering where they could possibly go from there. Can the magic of the holiday season help Christy and Jasper turn their marriage of convenience into something more permanent? ?

Their marriage solved her problems…and might’ve created some new ones

Sophie’s marriage was not a love match. Taking RJ’s name saved her from homelessness and put her through college. Now, she’s ready to see if they can turn their marriage of convenience into something real. RJ wants get to know his wife and see if their attraction can grow into love. But the walls around Sophie’s heart prove hard to breach. And for some reason, he just can’t seem to shake the feeling that she’s keeping something from him … When a ghost from Sophie’s past emerges and shines a very public light on her marriage, can the fragile bond she’s started to form with RJ survive the ensuing chaos?

Can Gracie and Carson help each other heal their broken hearts?

Everyone knows Gracie's fiancé died shortly before their wedding. What no one realized is just how much better her life is without him—and the guilt she feels over that fact. Too bad she's also painfully lonely. Maybe that marriage of convenience her parents favor isn't such a bad idea after all. Carson hasn't been lucky where is romance is concerned, either. But he needs to prove to his father that he's ready to settle down if he plans to inherit the family business someday. With his track record, trusting his judgment—and his heart—would surely be a huge mistake.

He could solve all her problems…but at what cost to her heart?

Hailey Porter is finally ready to stand on her own and be the best mother possible. Then she runs into her first love. John Hawthorne never thought he'd see Hailey again He certainly never thought they'd end up in a rocky marriage of convenience. Can Hailey and John rekindle the love they once shared?


It’s 1985 and Hollister Hawthorne has two goals in college

Get his degree and find a wife. He has four weeks left to find the right woman. Otherwise, his family has their own ideas that don't appeal to him. He meets Julianne Hanover the night she is fired from her job. She is attractive, smart, and confident. A woman who could hold her own his over-achieving family. Can he win her heart before graduation?
He’s the most confident man she’s met and a puzzle she wants to solve. Once she gets to know him, she can't help falling for him. Until he decides to fix her life by taking care of anyone who bothers her. Julianne Hanover is not a woman who needs to be rescued. She's done with him. But it is really over?

Can Madison convince Sully love is worth the risk?

Madison is more than just a pretty face - she's intelligent and determined. But when her fiancé betrays her with her best friend, she flees to Laughing Falls in search of a fresh start. Little does she know, her ex has no intention of letting her go. Fortunately, Sully Hawthorne is there to lend a helping hand. Though he's been burned by love before, Sully can't deny the attraction he feels towards Madison. Once she is safe, can Madison convince Sully to take a chance on love?

Julianne wants an apology from Hollister. Is it possible?

When they first met, Hollister Hawthorne made unrequested improvements to her life. She broke up with him. To win her back, he promised to never interfere in her life again. Years later, he can't help himself. Instead of letting her fix her own problem, Hollister jumps in and makes a mess. The big problem—she wants an apology and that is not a word in her husband’s vocabulary. Will they get back together and save the holidays? Fun fact: The holiday season in Her Fake Fiance (Love in Laughing Falls) is the same year.


Those Hawthorne Men, Bundle #1

Strictly Business, Lucy
Welcome Home, Abby
First Love, Abby (5 years before Abby returned to Laughing Falls)
Holiday Dreams, Christy
Falling in Love, Julianne (when she met Hollister in college)