What Makes Jan Cry?

I don’t get choked up writing emotional scenes. But when I am revising them, certain things hit me.

Hope there are no spoilers here. Writing the scenes when everyone is missing Harlan, Jr. my concern was getting the emotions right for several characters. But when I reread the funeral scene, I was all choked up.

I didn’t have a solid plan for Grandma Lillian—again, in writer mode, I had to pay attention. Rereading Her Fake Fiancé, I got misty and sniffled when she saw Abby’s family and then Daniel came to get her. I needed a tissue to revise the funeral scene.

My biggest cry. Baby Momma, Hailey. When she realizes what John has done to help her mother. It’s making me misty even typing this.

The best part of being what they are now calling a discovery writer—none of those scenes were in my bare bones story line I put together before I began writing the books. I hope my readers are as surprised as me by the scenes that appeared out of nowhere!